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Tattoo lightening/removal

We all have a tattoo we wish we never had done, or microblading/tattooing (permanent make up) that has been badly placed or heavily saturated & just wont fade! 

Permanent make up after time can present a colour change

in the skin which leaves us concerned & aware that it no longer looks how we once wanted it to. This does not necessarily mean the original artist was incorrect but could mean the pigment they first used was maybe a little cool or too warm for your skin tone. 

In some circumstances colour correction can be performed, this is putting a colour corrector into your skin to change it back to what we want, using basic colour theory. 

    LI-FT Lightening/Removal


In many lightening/removal cases people will assume that laser is the only way to perform this but it can put people off because of how invasive, painful & costly it can be. 

*At Simplicity, Becky only offers Li-ft Saline lightening/removal service*

How does laser work?

Laser works by producing a short pulse of intense light, it penetrates so deep into the skin, its absorbed by the pigment. The light breaks up the pigment into tiny fragments, the laser then pushes those fragments back down deeper into the body & they are removed by our bodies lymph & waste system. 

Our bodies will recognise these fragments as waste so they will be eliminated through our sweat, urine & faeces. People that may have health issues or avoid chemicals through the body may prefer not to use this method & seek other methods of removal like Saline. 


Laser sometimes may not be successful, even after several sessions, unfortunately laser doesn't recognise all colours so often colour is left behind.  

How does Li-ft (Saline) work?

Saline works by being placed into the skin by tattooing, reaching the pigment causing it to lift up into the skin. Within 3-5days a scab is formed & this will contain the pigment, for some people this is a much more comfortable way of lightening/removing. 

Saline is a very successful form of removal/lightening as it targets all colours, several sessions maybe required depending on how saturated the pigment is in the skin. 

When regarding permanent make up, pigment doesn't necessarily need to be all removed, to achieve at least 50% will allow a new procedure to go ahead but again this depends on placement (design) & saturation (how much is in the skin). 


This client has old faded tattooed brows. They present some pinky & purple tones of which are better suited to removal before having her colour refresh. 


Above - This is the same client during her tattoo lightening/removal treatment.

Left - This is after her treatment. The area can look red on some people, this is not uncommon. 

When you are considering colour refresh of your permanent make up, a consultation with Becky is recommended, colour correction maybe required instead of removal. 

Using the PMU colour wheel, we can determine what needs to be put into the area to get the colour back to what we require to then enable us to put the desired colour over the top. 

For example - 

pinky/red tones in your brow needs a green colour corrector

purply tones require a yellow colour corrector. 

Dark heavy blacks/greys/silvery tones will require lightning/removal.

colour correction.jpg


Li-ft lightening/removal


£80.00 1 session

£150.00 2 sessions (£10 off)

£210.00 3 sessions (£30 off)

£270.00 4 sessions (£50 off)

£330.00 5 sessions (£70 off)

(Prices based on areas no bigger than 4x4 inches)

* £40 per session of Li-ft when having new powder brows!! *

In all cases, each session must be at least 8 weeks apart to enable the area to heal. This does apply to any area that has also been exposed to laser prior. 

* In some cases (based on a consultation) a patch test may be required *


When having a tattoo or Permanent make up procedure, doing your research is very important. Are they qualified? Are they insured? Have you spoken in your consultation about your expectations?

In some cases these procedures can go wrong, maybe there's a bit you don't like or didn't ask for, brows are the wrong shape or miss placed! Luckily at Simplicity we can offer Emergency removal! 

This process has to take place within 48 hours of the tattoo procedure taking place, anytime over this it can not be done as the body has started to except the pigment & begins to heal. 

£150.00 - Emergency removal 

*Emergency removal is priced based on a set of brows, eyeliner or lip liner, a small tattoo no bigger than a 4x4 area*

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