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It can take from 5-20minutes to develop depending on the required tone & depth of colour. Both hair & skin are absorbed by the henna to create a beautiful full brow.

There are different colours, providing the best shade for personal preferences. 

Henna Brows includes - Brow mapping, henna colour & waxing/tweezing to shaping £30.00
Henna Brows is the number one treatment in the beauty industry for creating bold natural looking eyebrows. 
This treatment is a great alternative to tinting with the added bonus of no ammonia and is also lead free, making it a safer method of colouring hair. 

At Simplicity we use Supercilium for our Henna. This product is one of the best on the market made from the finest henna in India. 88% natural henna, cruelty free and made in an ecological minded factory with a work-ethic where they care for humans and nature. 

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