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LED light therapy is a popular non invasive skin treatment that can be a great addition to any facial or body treatment. It uses varying wave lengths of light to trigger the skins natural healing process to repair the skin. 

LED Stands for light-emitting diode. These lights have been used since the 60's but only in recent years used in skin treatments. NASA originally developed LED light for plant growth experiments in space, however since then it has shown amazing results in wound healing and human tissue growth. 
Different wave lengths of light penetrate the skin at different depths. The penetration may trigger natural processes that help the skin rejuvenate and heal. 

LED light has many benefits for the following skin conditions:

- Acne
- Dermatitis
- Dull skin
- Eczema
- Psorisis
- Rosacea
- Scaring
- Ageing (wrinkles & age spots)
- Sun damage
- Wound healing
- Other inflammatory skin conditions

- LED light has an excellent safety profile.
- Does not contain UV rays, so therefore its suitable for regular use without damaging the skin. 
- Does not cause burns 
- Safe for all skin types & colours of skin

Colour Key 

Red - Brightening, skin renewal. Closing large pores & treating broken veins

Blue - Eliminate bacteria on & in the skin that can cause acne & breakouts

Green - Calming of the skin if its irritated or inflamed. Great for sensitive skin

Yellow - Takes redness down after skin needling & peel treatments. Improves pigmentation, erythema & rosacea

Cyan - Balance oil in the skin, good for cellulite & after body treatments

Purple - Active acne, acne scaring, & fading stretch marks 

The light can do a combination of colours on rotation to accommodate more than one skin condition

LED light with a Microdermabrasion facial £55

LED light with a Dermaplaning facial £65

LED light with any facial treatment add £5

* LED light therapy treatment is not suitable for clients on certain medication as it causes sensitivity to sunlight eg - Accutane. Pregnant women are to consult a physician before beginning treatment, clients with epilepsy should consult their doctor and anyone with heart disease or infectious skin conditions can not be treated*
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